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NJ Healthy Communities Activities City of Long Branch – Blog 3

In May, the City of Long Branch’s Environmental Commission, Green Team, EZ Ride, and other stakeholders received training to identify obstacles that impede safe and accessible biking and walking in our community. Following the training, we conducted a bike and pedestrian audit of a four-mile stretch along Ocean Avenue, from Seven Presidents Park to the Church of the Presidents Museum. We selected this area due to its popularity with bikers and pedestrians. The route also includes the entire length of the Long Branch boardwalk, beach access points, and retail and business hubs.

The result of our audit found several opportunities to improve our crosswalks and lighting. It also highlighted several ways we can enhance our curb appeal by repairing sidewalks and trimming overgrowth of weeds and shrubbery. We also identified several areas where we can extend access for bikers and pedestrians. These include: further developing the bike path on from South Bath to Madison Avenue, improvements to the intersection on Brighton Avenue and West End Court, and the addition of a bike and/or pedestrian path near Seven Presidents Park.

The stakeholders who conducted this audit have shared their findings with Long Branch’s Mayor and the City Council. They have requested that the opportunities for improvement be resolved during routine maintenance. They plan to partner with the City to write grant proposals for the areas of extension. We believe these are great opportunities for improving our community and look forward to bringing this vision to life in the future.

Sidney Johnson

Director, Long Branch Health Department

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