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March 31, 2020

Similar to the everyone else in the world right now, the City of Long Branch Health Department is totally focused on combating the Coronavirus pandemic. Long Branch is home to Monmouth Family Health Center (MFHC),  an FQHC (federally qualified health center), as well as a long term care facility, senior citizen housing, a housing authority, and a large diverse population.  Key department heads have a daily conference call to review and discuss the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once a week, we hold a COVID-19 conference call with our outside partners such as the school Superintendent, hospital CEO, Housing Authority Administer, FQHC, Sewerage Authority, etc.  The Health Department is also busy continuing to investigate cases, issuing birth, death and marriage certificates and doing animal control.   We do as much work as possible by mail or over the phone.   With respect to the NJHCN Grant, until work was halted, we selected a “bottle filler water fountain” that provides filtered and chilled water. You can view the station we’ve selected here so residents know what they can expect to see in the future. We picked green for the color to align with our public school system’s anthem, the “Green Wave”. The Long Branch Police Department actively uses social media, check their Facebook and Twitter account for information on our new reverse 911 alert, and resident email systems that will push out guidance and recommendations.  We produced two (2) COVID-19 educational flyers with our community educator partner. One discusses the basic facts on COVID-19 and the second is what you need to know and do if you test positive for the virus. We are working on a third one to advise people on how to safely celebrate Passover and Easter, which should be released in the upcoming week. You can find all of this information here.  That’s all for now.

Sid Johnson

Director of Health, Long Brand Health Department

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