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As part of the North Bergen Health Department’s Initiative towards promoting physical activity and wellness, the park and thrive outdoor gym keeps proving to be a tremendous asset to The North Bergen residents in serving as that key component towards fitness and health.

Besides promoting physical activity, The North Bergen Health Department is proud to announce our upcoming “Friends & Family Farmers Market” to our community.  This project will serve as part of our healthy eating initiative. Farmers markets have emerged as essential players in the effort to increase consumption of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our vision is to create a farmer’s market with a deep sense of community integration that will provide the North Bergen residents with access to fresh produce. This initiative will also serve as an opportunity where neighbors will meet other neighbors and therefore develop a sense of community connection, ownership and pride. In addition, we will also offer free health resources, Zumba, kid’s activities, music and much more.

Another great feature of our “families and friends farmers market” is the acceptance of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and by accepting SNAP benefits, we will be providing access to a wide variety of healthy and organic food for the whole community regardless of their economic situation.

The North Bergen health department is committed to continually implement new strategies that will lead to a more healthy and active community.

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Township of North Bergen (via NB Health Department)

The North Bergen Health Department mission is to improve the quality of life for our residents by offering a wide array of services that target health prevention, health education, public health safety and code enforcement.