Grantee Blog 2020

Not Getting Ahead of Ourselves

At the end of Year 1, we found ourselves ahead of schedule with the first drafts of a Complete Streets resolution and policy document. As much as we would love to get up and running with these documents, we understand the importance of re-establishing buy-in from the senior management in the Division of University Facilities. Over the last year, the majority of staff and management within Facilities has been focused primarily on the challenges presented by the pandemic. So, while the grant team has been working to push Complete Streets forward, others have had to prioritize other work and Complete Streets was put to the side.

Here at the beginning of Year 2, the team has been working on a presentation for the senior management in the Division of University Facilities. This presentation will review the basics of our project, revisit our goals, and summarize Year 1’s research and findings. In addition, we will provide examples of Complete Streets policies that exist in the surrounding municipalities and counties and how we might lean into those, as well as examples of policies that have been implemented at other institutions of higher education. Further, we will emphasize how a Complete Streets policy ties into the work already being performed on our campus. The Office of Capital Planning and Project Management has been conducting a Campus Sidewalk and Roadway Assessment which will assist in planning future repairs and development on campus. Using Complete Streets as a template for this type of work is exactly what we’re aiming for.

We look forward to making this presentation and providing an update via this blog!

About the Grantee

Montclair State University

The team at Montclair State is based out of the Division of University Facilities and the Campus Community Garden. We're combining efforts on this grant project to improve food security and pedestrian safety on campus. Our core team consists of Adeline Cochran, Sustainability Coordinator, and Chris Snyder, MPH, Garden Founder/Coordinator.