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Our Lady of Mount Carmel: 2019 Garden Squad Kickoff

We’re excited to announce that the Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2019 Garden Squad is comprised of 29 new and returning students.  In one of our first sessions with students on March 26, we learned about how far our food travels from farm to plate, an average of 1,500 miles, and the importance of growing our own food to reduce our carbon footprint.

Students also learned to plant from seeds using recycled egg cartons and properly label their work.  The seeds we chose to use for the activity were for the salad and pizza beds in the school community garden.  We planted tomatoes, carrots, bibb and romaine lettuce, string beans, hot peppers, sweet peppers, basil, thyme, cilantro and sunflower seeds.  With our next update, we hope to share progress on the preparation of the garden for warmer weather and the growth of our new plants!

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Project U.S.E. is an experiential education organization based in Newark, New Jersey with over 40 years of experience providing hands-on learning experiences for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Project U.S.E. provides diverse programming, including school and community gardening, professional development workshops, and outdoor education programs at our Wildcat Mountain Wilderness Center.