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Our Wellness Classes Begin with Hatha Flow

Our yoga classes have kicked off with a great turnout for the first week. Over twenty-five employees attended the three classes offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Feedback from participants was enthusiastic and full of praise for our really wonderful yoga instructor, who provided step-by-step instructions to the beginners in the classes, while challenging the intermediate and experienced yogis who attended. Interspersed with the stretches and poses, our instructor read thoughtful poems and quotes and used essential oils to induce an atmosphere of meditative calm. Just what was needed after a day in the classroom or hours in front of a computer!

Now that classes have begun, I have encouraged people who were reluctant to sign up to come and observe a class in action. I have found that trying to convince people to try something new, to change their routine, even with all the information we have about the benefits of exercise, to be quite a challenge. But showing people that yoga is accessible to all by letting them see their peers, who range from beginners to accomplished practitioners, enjoying the practice in a non-judgemental atmosphere, has been a much more productive way to increase participation.

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The Bergen County Technical School District, along with its sister district, Bergen County Special Services, provides academic and technical education as well as therapeutic services to students ranging in age from 3-21. The district also provides continuing education and career training for adults, and sheltered workshop experiences for adults with disabilities.