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Park and Thrive Initiative

The North Bergen Health Department proudly held a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this month to celebrate the opening of a new outdoor exercise gym facility in Meadowview Village. The gym, which is geared toward adult-use, will be open daily from dawn to dusk. Located immediately adjacent to the playground, it allows parents and caregivers to utilize fitness equipment in a neighborhood where many residents would not otherwise have the opportunity to pay a membership fee at a local fitness center.

The Park and Thrive Initiative was the result of a grant awarded by the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network, an organization dedicated to creating healthy communities through active living and healthy eating. Our initiative will focus on improving the quality of life of our residents by providing active living and healthy eating strategies. The second component of the grant will be met next fall through the creation of monthly farmers markets which will be held in the same neighborhood. As part of the initiative to promote healthy living and fitness, residents will also be provided with a monthly newsletter offering information regarding use of the gym equipment, disease prevention, nutritious recipes, and more.

The Park and Thrive facility is located near senior housing, schools, and public transportation, as well as the 178 apartments in Meadowview Village, housing approximately 250 tenants. The gym contains eight pieces of outdoor exercise equipment that can accommodate up to 12 individuals at once.

The Township of North Bergen is extremely confident that this initiative will have meaningful, long-lasting benefits to our residents and will be especially impactful for many low-income citizens living in the neighborhood.

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Township of North Bergen (via NB Health Department)

The North Bergen Health Department's mission is to improve the quality of life for our residents by offering a wide array of services that target health prevention, health promotion, public health safety and code enforcement.