Grantee Blog 2020

Phase 1 – Phone Interviews … Complete!


Throughout these last few months the Englewood Health Department has been diligently working on COVID-19 prevention. We are officially back in the office but we are not open to the public. At this point, we have completed phase 1 of our Community Needs Assessment with 18 phone interviews. The interviews consisted of community leaders: City Council members, nonprofit organizations and other community affiliates who represent the Englewood population. Due to schools reopening, we will continue phase 2 once everyone is settled into their new routine. We plan to complete phase 2– focus groups in October via Zoom by having community leaders refer residents who will really speak their mind on the topics addressed such as health status, vulnerable populations, health disparities, food insecurity, and safe green space. The third phase, surveys, will be made up of questions specific to our focus for next year’s grant cycle. At this time we truly believe the focus of other our year two grant cycle will relate to nutrition and healthy eating education.

About the Grantee

City of Englewood Health Department

The mission of the Englewood Health Department is to protect and enhance the health of the people in Englewood. The Department accomplishes this mission by creating viable partnerships with organizations in the community and individuals, promoting healthy lifestyles and responding to critical health issues and disasters.