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Physical Activity and Substance Use Disorders

It is no secret that physical activity is imperative for general health. This becomes especially true for those in recovery from substance addiction. Moderate and high-intensity aerobic exercises, designed according to the Guidelines of American College of Sports Medicine, and  mind-body exercises can be an effective and persistent treatment for those with substance use disorders (SUD).

Our agency provides counseling and recovery support to the local community. Over the last year of our NJHCN grant we have aimed to promote activity with our staff, and those that visit our agency. Including our stair well project, that promotes the use of the stairs in our building rather than the elevator we have had lots of positive feedback from both staff and clients on the project. Other initiatives have included policy changes (which we will share more in our next blog!) health challenges and motivation.

This year we are aimed at integrating total wellness into recovery programs, we are focusing on offering more wellness programs to our clients and recovery community members. Pictured above is a yoga session recently offered at our Recovery Center. We are also excited for our Recovery Walk (Changing the Face of Addiction) that is coming up, taking place in August.

About the Grantee

Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC)

The mission of the Center for Prevention and Counseling is to promote hope, health and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive. We do this through our 3 departments including Prevention, Counseling and Recovery support.