Grantee Blog 2020

Physical Activity Can Become a Part of Everyone’s Lives!

With the Covid-19 Pandemic still holding tight, and the limitations that affect the traditional work out regimes of our residents, the Ringwood Health Department and Recreation Department have been busy planning for activities that our residents can partake in outdoors.  Many businesses in our town have been granted special use permits to utilize outdoor spaces for a variety of exercise programs. On any given day, if you were to drive by any of our municipal fields you may see people doing yoga, zumba, boot camp classes or just walking and meditating. The residents are required to bring their own equipment and social distancing has been maintained at all times.

This pandemic has certainly brought the concept of physical activity into the public eye.  One resident stated that she had always been intimidated by joining an exercise program, but after watching from afar, she quickly realized that she could participate in such classes, with modifications to some of the exercises.  By watching other participants first, she was no longer intimidated and has spent this summer involved in the Health Department’s “Moving toward Mindfulness” program, which involves yoga, walking and mediation four times a week.

The DPW staff broke ground last month and began clearing the area for the exercise equipment to be installed on our path. We are looking forward to the completion of our walking path with exercise equipment, knowing that this project will be of great value to our community.  To be able to provide another location for our residents of all ages to get involved with physical activity will further push the importance of physical activity in regards to health into the public eye.

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Borough of Ringwood

The Borough of Ringwood is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle for the residents. The Health and Recreation Departments have collaborated to provide opportunities for a variety of activities for residents of all ages to become involved with.