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Physical Activity, Mindfulness and Strength Training Come Together

Physical Activity, Mindfulness and Strength Training Come Together

One way to enhance our mental wellbeing and protect our mental health is through participating in physical activity

For the past two years Ringwood’s Health Department, in partnership with a Chilton Hospital Health Educator has offered a summer program called, “Moving Towards Mindfulness”. Since participation in regular physical activity can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety, we wanted to give our residents an opportunity to participate in a free program that is 5 days a week for 7 weeks during the summer so that residents could let go of distractions and focus attention on sensations, breath and movements of their bodies.

Under the direction of Nancy Smith, who is an instructor from Essence of Self – Ayurveda Spa and Yoga, each day the activities vary and include either a mindful walk combined with strengthening exercises, yoga, meditation, yoga or hiking.  “The program is designed to bring about experiences that enhance a personal connection to oneself and nature, while at the same time encountering a sense of community. Friends are made, physical and mental stamina is enhanced, and a sense of wellbeing pervades!”

Nancy is so excited that there will be a new location available for her walk and strengthening program.  “This new venue is not only beautiful, but also provides the exercise equipment that will compliment my program”.  Strength training increases muscle mass promotes bone strength, joint flexibility weight control, and improves balance.  All this benefits overall health as we age. The exercise equipment along the walking path provides the participants an opportunity to increase their level of strength training to make them stronger.

This work is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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Our team is made up of employees from the Ringwood Health Department, Recreation Department, and Ringwood Board of Education. Our goal is to promote health and wellness by providing physical fitness, mental health, and nutritional opportunities to the residents of Ringwood.