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Pilot to Begin- “Breakfast after the Bell” :We planned…We persisted … Now we are Kicking it off!

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services is gearing up with the Bloomfield School District to offer their first “Breakfast After the Bell” pilot scheduled to begin in September of 2018. Having breakfast available in the classroom will ensure that students are fueled to learn.  Officials are hard at work planning the August kick-off.  Parents and children will be invited to the 4-hour event which will feature taste tests of the breakfast items, breakfast registration, health information on lead and screenings along with fun filled activities for the children.  A bouncy house and a DJ will be on hand to promote physical activity as well as face painting for the fun of it.  Getting everyone onboard in supporting the pilot was a team effort. Our friend’s from the Dairy Council and Advocates for Children were key partners in providing the information and technical assistance needed to launch the pilot.  Funding received from the grant will enable the District to purchase needed equipment for food storage and serving.  A site visit to a neighboring school attended by those directly involved in the planning was key.  Officials were able to observe firsthand the breakfast program in action with the kids. With the success of the site visit everyone was excited to get the program started for the new school year.  As we continue our work in building successful partnerships, we are eager to see our work in action and share with you.

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Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services is an innovator in approaching public health We hold the honor of being the First Accredited Health Department in the State of New Jersey. Our goal is to understand the needs of our community, and with that knowledge implement programs that create environmental changes that have sustainable effects to improve health.