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Plainsboro Township Receives NJHCN Grant

Plainsboro Township has received a grant from the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network to install a bike sharing station at the Plainsboro Library and to show children how to grow their own food.

New Jersey is the Garden State, it says so on our car license plate, and is also the most densely populated state in the nation.  What can you do if you live in a multi-family development where having a garden is not possible?  What does a cucumber or a Brussel sprout look like before it gets to the grocery store?  With about 5,000 apartments in town, many children do not know the answers to these questions.  Part of the grant will be used to grow food in planter boxes on the library’s third floor balcony which is an area that affords exposure to the sun and mimics a spot in an apartment where similar planter boxes could be located.

Funding from the grant will also be used to create a bike sharing station at the library.  The station will be operated by a private company called Zagster out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Bike sharing is used throughout the country and is simply a means to rent a bicycle to travel from one location to another, or to run errands, find a café, or for exercise.  Bike sharing works best with multiple stations to increase the opportunity and availability to access a bicycle.



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Plainsboro Township

Plainsboro Township is located in southwestern Middlesex County.  The Township grew from its agricultural roots into a community of about 24,000 residents covering nearly twelve square miles, half of which is preserved open space.  Plainsboro is home to the Princeton Forrestal Campus of Princeton University, Novo Nordisk’s North American headquarters, and the headquarters of the Robert Wood Johnso