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Planning Ahead

January has been the time to plan for our next session of Eat Well, Play Hard. After finishing the program at Father Mychal Judge, we began to analyze the heights and weights of all of the other children in our Clifton preschools. We found that the children at the Board of Ed had the greatest percentage of overweight and obesity, and while we did the programming there last spring, there is a new group of students at this site now. The nutrition assistant is going over the curriculum with the new nutrition manager who will be taking over the program.

After getting feedback from the parents from Father Mychal Judge, the parents reported that doing the hands on cooking activities during the program gave them confidence to try these recipes at home. After each session they get to take home all of the ingredients needed to make the recipe again, however, they revealed they often do not have the right kitchen tools. Going forward, we are planning on providing basic kitchen tools each week such as a knife, cutting board, strainer, salad tongs, a can opener, and a mixing bowl so that they can have more success.

We have also been working on a classroom cookbook to distribute to all of our preschool classrooms. This will provide easy access to fun, simple, healthy snacks that the children can participate in making. These recipes are filled with fruits and vegetables with lots of options for the different seasons and holidays!

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Center for Family Resources (CFR)

Center for Family Resources is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the educational needs of income eligible children and their families from Passaic County. Head Start provides comprehensive services in the areas of education, social services, nutrition, and mental health. We also assist families to obtain health and dental services.