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Planning for 2019 Vauxhall Community Garden Stage II

Vauxhall Community Garden had a planning meeting on Saturday, March 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM to assign tasks for the 2019 Community Garden. We have two new volunteers from the Community as well as prior support from Golden Rule Lodge No 24, Golden Rule Chapter No 50 as well as the township of Union. The two new members Margaret Christy and Brenda Herriott are excited about joining our team and look forward to serving the Vauxhall Community.
Doing our meeting assignments were given to jump start our Garden, we plan to start planting on April 6th 2019. Brother James Coy will assist the same as last year by getting the Carpenters Union to volunteer to build additional boxes for 2019. Pat Francis will assist by getting the township to collect all debris that has accumulated, also she will assist in getting a Shed and benches for garden, Benda Herriot will assist in getting prices for Landscaping and she also has a great ideal for a Rock Garden getting the assistance of the children in the community to paint the rocks. Margaret Christy will assist with a Community Bulletin board for our Community Garden. Janine Jackson will assist by contacting Union High School to see if any students are interested in doing Community Service in our garden as well as reach out to all Church’s in the Vauxhall community for volunteers, she is involving the Youth Felicities from Golden Rule Chapter in our Community Garden. Robert White with the assistance of the landscaper and our seasoned gardeners Otis and Virginia Appling will purchase all plants and flowers for our garden, also he will keep track of the harvesting of the plants and distributing vegetables to the community. Patty White will keep track of spending for the grant, as well as assist with Blog, get volunteers to work in garden and prepare schedule for Community Garden.
The Vauxhall Community Garden is reaching out to our Masonic family for assistance in preparing the garden for planting on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

About the Grantee

Golden Rule Lodge No 24

The members of Golden Rule Lodge No 24 and Golden Rule Chapter No 50 are a community based organization, we are working with the community, By providing and assisting with healthy living within the community, by growing a garden and teaching the community how to eat and live healthy. With this in mind, we have created a service project that directly gives aid to the Vauxhall Community

Strategy: Community Gardens

Cohort: North 2

Funder: Atlantic Health System

Cities: Union