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Planting A Seed Of Knowledge

Staff at Bridgeton High School have included the new greenhouse and hydroponic system into the curriculum and students are certainly enjoying their time in their outdoor classroom. The greenhouse has been outfitted with tables and stools to fit 36 students comfortably. So far, the students have learned about the history of hydroponics and which ancient civilizations incorporated the technique for horticulture purposes. They also learned the basics of hydroponic gardening and extended their learning through research. The students have planted their first round of lettuce in the hydroponic system and almost daily observe the growth and progress of their seedlings. Once the lettuce is harvested, the students will conduct taste tests and hopefully have enough to bring some home with them to share with their families.

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Bridgeton Public Schools

The Mission of the Bridgeton Public School District is to provide multiple pathways for all students to attain the Common Core State Standards and meet the needs of our diverse student population. All students will be provided with the opportunity and resources to succeed through the creation of state-of-the-art safe learning environments which will ultimately enable all students to graduate from.