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Planting Seeds for Future Progress: A Year-End Reflection & Summary

As the year comes to an end, Project U.S.E. is excited to share some highlights of our programming with students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Asbury Park in 2018:

In evaluating our program, we used a pre- and post-program evaluation (you can see a copy at this link) to assess student learning around plant knowledge, gardening techniques, healthy eating, and sustainability.  We were very pleased with the results – about 90% of students showed significant growth in their knowledge, and the group overall posted a 23.3% gain in their assessment scores.  We look forward to doing some additional planning over the winter to incorporate the lessons we’ve learned from programming in the first year to kick off exciting new plans in 2019 to build on our positive momentum!

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Project U.S.E.

Project U.S.E. is an experiential education organization based in Newark, New Jersey with over 40 years of experience providing hands-on learning experiences for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Project U.S.E. provides diverse programming, including school and community gardening, professional development workshops, and outdoor education programs at our Wildcat Mountain Wilderness Center.