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Preparing For the Spring Growing Season

The Bridgeton Public Schools have several gardens throughout the district and they are all preparing for their spring season.  Orders are in for seeds, garden soil, tomato cages, and even compost bins.  Dozens of books have been ordered to connect the gardens with subjects such as math, science, and even social studies.  Additionally, the knowledge of hydroponic growing is expanding from the high school and Broad Street to West Avenue, Quarter Mile Lane, and Geraldine O. Foster Early Childhood Center.  The Broad Street hydroponic tower is pictured above and is on its fourth crop of lettuce.  The students enjoy caring, harvesting, and eating their leafy greens.

To start the growing season the gardens are planting cold whether crops that the students will be able to grow and harvest before the school year ends in June.  These crops include: beets, carrots, radishes, snap peas, lettuce, kale, collard greens, and swiss chard. The students and staff are excited for the warmer weather and chance to get outside.  In fact, gardening provides many health benefits for individuals of all ages.  It engages all of the senses, encourages healthy eating, and enhances fine motor skills.  Gardening also introduces students to scientific concepts, provides a social activity, teaches responsibility and patience.  It also helps students to learn planning and organizational skills when planting, caring for, and harvesting the garden.  Furthermore, studies are showing that exposure to friendly soil bacteria could improve mood by boosting the immune system just as effectively as antidepressant drugs.


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