Grantee Blog 2020

Project Interrupted

As I sit here to write this first blog, I realize that it is very difficult to write. The difficulty is not because I have no real updates, but that there just seems to be more important priorities in the world right now.

Our focus for the next two years is to work with our local food banks to help them increase the amount of food and the quality of food that they provide. We also hope to enhance access to two different areas for improved physical activity. One is a forgotten space behind a ball field in the middle of town and the other is the grounds that surround our brand-new recreation center. Obviously, all efforts have come to a screeching halt thanks to the COVID-19 Virus as everyone has been asked to remain home and safe.

We were lucky enough several months back since we had such a mild winter to begin the clean up with the help of the Audubon High School’s Environmental Club. The vision here is having a series of elevated gardens in the space along with multiple picnic tables. This new area will create more space for youth and family at the baseball field as well as those who use the adjacent American Legion post. However, even though gardening is a great way for the community to past the time as they are housebound, gathering in the space together is not an option.

The disruption of life has been very hard on our residents. People feel helpless as they are told that the only thing they can do is stay home. In the past, when people felt hopeless and lost, the best cure was to gather with others, find a purpose and make a difference.  Taking a walk around town is different. People are scared to stop and chat as it is hard to be friendly and keep your distance. This is not the norm.

With all of that being said, the human race is resilient and we will and need to come out of this more grateful on the other side. The hope is that our brothers and sisters around the world can overcome this and we can get back to coming together as a community and making an impact.

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Audubon is a small town in South Jersey. We are about 1.5 sq miles and about 8,700 people. We are a hard working, blue collar community and are always looking out for the needs of one another.