Grantee Blog 2020

Project Pathway


Well Pennsville Recreation Department is pleased to report the pathway is almost complete.  It’s been interesting, dealing with COVID-19 and the weather, but our contractors have stayed on course with the project.  I wanted to publicly recognize the Pennsville Rotary Club and the Pennsville Septemberfest Committee for their generous donations to have the path completely funded with no cost to the taxpayer.  The positive feedback from residents using social media has made all of the work worth it. I’m hoping the last stage, which includes top soil and seed along the edges, will be complete by the next post.

Thanks, Steve Krough

About the Grantee

Pennsville Township

Pennsville offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities for citizens of all ages through its Recreation Department. Much of the land owned by the Township is used for recreation purposes, especially the area known as Riverview Beach Park where the path will be constructed.