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Red Ribbons (and Tape) for the Holidays

Montclair’s Active Living Strategy plan is to install two Bike Repair Stations within the Township, one each year of the grant, to encourage folks to bicycle more.  One of the locations is at a train station used by commuters to New York City, and the other at a parking deck adjacent to the shopping center surrounding Bloomfield Avenue.  An ideal location in the parking deck was scoped out – plenty of room for the bike repair station to be installed, located safely across from the guard station, and no parking spots would be lost because of it.  Preliminary approvals were obtained, the bike repair station was ordered in September, and it was shipped quickly.  We formed a partnership with Cyndi Steiner, Executive Director of NJ Bike and Walk Coalition, who offered to donate three vertical bike racks which could also be installed at the site.  Everything was going along smoothly….until…everything grinds to a screeching halt.

WHY are we not able to find somebody who is willing to install the bike repair station and vertical bike racks?  WHY do the people who have installed them in other locations refuse to answer our emails and return phone calls?  WHY is there now a question as to whether or not the space we have selected in the parking deck is even going to be available, or is it now the home of a new street sweeper?  WHY will the company who is supposed to print the recognition plaque ignoring me?

I will stay positive – tis the season after all – and keep plugging away to get this done.

Meanwhile, enjoy our photo of Lana Mustafa, Farm Manager for Montclair Community Farms, showing off some beautiful produce in our Mobile Farm Stand!




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