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Reflection and Reimbursement and Forward Momentum

November has been a very boring month filled with reimbursement and reflection for the most part.  Most of the month was concentrated on paperwork to make sure our Soccer Club, Girls Softball and Little League provided the necessary receipts for reimbursement for their healthy purchases for the snack stands.  As I mentioned in previous posts, the Soccer Club did an amazing job this year.  Little League and Girls’ Softball need a little more guidance for next year to receive the full reimbursement, but after tallying the receipts, they did better than they thought.

The nutritionist is contracted to work with us again next year and we will hopefully be able to host a meeting in January to lay out the expectations and our hopes for future seasons for both the parents and coaches. The nutritionists have been of great value for guidance on the nutrition front.

All bike racks still have not been installed as we wait for the legal agreement to be finalized between the Borough and the private properties. We would very much like to make a grand announcement as we roll them all out together in the spring.  The good news is that the few bike racks that have actually been installed are being used on a regular basis.

The Audubon’s Walk through History project continues to progress as we continue to utilize our student volunteers and digitize our records and research in preparation.

There are so many exciting projects that are taking place right now in Audubon. However, the most frustrating part continues to be the hurry up and wait.  For every large project, there are always many small, labor intensive details that need to be addressed to make things happen. Persistence and patience are key without losing momentum.

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Borough of Audubon

The Borough of Audubon is a tight knit community that really looks out for one another. The whole town is only a little over a mile but the leaders are always looking at the big picture for this community. More accessibility to healthy foods for our families at the ball field, more opportunities to be active as well as looking to the future to combine history and healthy life styles for everyone.