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Resident Perspective: Why Should I Care about Trucks in my Neighborhood?

The city of Camden is addressing the impact of trucks driving through its neighborhoods. As a community, we’ve noticed an increase in trucks passing through the neighborhoods, parks, near schools, etc. Our goal is to assess how much of an issue this is, including truck idling, and its impact on residents’ health, while still supporting our local businesses. Our first step was to meet with the Mayor to gain support from city officials on this project. Next, we need to ask our residents what they think. Here are two testimonials from Camden residents and their thoughts on how they feel trucks are impacting their daily lives.

“It’s high time something was done about this. Don’t get me wrong! I understand it’s great that there are trucks coming up and down, because it means new things are getting built around the area, but this is also a residential area. People live, and breath here. And it’s not just the air pollution that we have to deal with; it’s the fact that we have to hear all that noise throughout the entire day.” – Luis (Camden resident)

“It’s important for kids to get out and run and play, but I fear with all the trucks passing through our neighborhood that it’s not always safe. It’s also not pleasant to be outside with all the noise from the trucks. I wish there were designated roads for trucks, so that it’s not so noisy.” – Vedra (Camden resident)

Further assessments will include resident feedback, including potential rerouting of trucks through Camden.

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