Grantee Blog 2020

Rethink & Rework The Plan

In the midst of a climate of uncertainty and with the extended duration of COVID-19 “stay at home restrictions,” we realized the need for a contingency plan for our grant initiative. COVID-19 demanded we rethink and rework our initial plan. Despite the challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic presented Generations, Inc./Innovations Ministries with a unique opportunity to implement a creative solution to combat senior social isolation in the Lindenwold community. Challenging times demanded innovative thinking, collaboration, and flexibility. The result of our collaborative efforts was the development of an alternate strategy with tangible solutions designed to address food access issues while maintaining our initial grant focus to eliminate social isolation among the older adult population. We also developed a new brand for the program entitled “Just for You.”

The overarching strategy is to implement a 3-tier program. Tier 1 provides monthly curbside delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, recipes and materials on health and nutrition. Tier 2 consists of biweekly robocalls to keep seniors connected with greetings of encouragement, and monthly conference calls on a variety of health, social, and nutrition topics. Tier 3 is the Adopt-A-Senior component whereby youth from male and female mentorship programs send cards, letters, etc. to reduce social isolation which can lead to feelings of loneliness, fear of others, and negative self-esteem. Our new grant strategy also encompasses plans to not only continue, but expand “Just For You” in Year 2.

“Just For You” not only satisfies the acute need for food access, it also addresses the problem of social isolation among the senior population, while at the same time bridges the generational gap between older adults and youth. We’re excited about “Just For You” and the impact it will have on the senior population in Lindenwold.

About the Grantee

Generations Inc.

Generations, Inc., a community development corporation, provides comprehensive, coordinated services to meet the needs of families and individuals, providing full access to necessary services for all ages. Innovations Ministries, a non-profit entity within Generations, promotes a proactive approach to personal development, lifestyle management and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.