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Ride and Park that Bike!

Audubon Borough remains committed to our mission to create more fitness opportunities and healthier options for our residents and July has been another busy month trying to honor our commitment.

Bike racks were high on the priority list for purchase this month.  This sounds like a simple process.  However, is anything that simple?  First, it was necessary to identify the areas that we would like to place the racks.  After an afternoon driving around town, those areas were identified.  We then had to narrow things down even more to determine the correct mounting hardware.  Some bike racks can be mounted to cement while others require in-ground mounts.  This does not sound very exciting or interesting, but important details nonetheless.  When all details were finalized, it was time to obtain the best quote for our intended time frame. We had high hopes to have our bike racks installed by National Night in August, but we found out quickly that was not going to happen.  A couple extra thousand added to the price was not worth it, so we quickly decided on a fall roll out.

The challenges were many with what seemed to be a simple bike rack order.  Two places that we very much wanted to add bike racks were our Little League Field and High School.  However, in order to place bike racks on school grounds, there was additional coordination required.  A written agreement with the School District and Borough needs to be created stating that the Borough will be installing the bike racks and address the liabilities after the install.  This has not been created as of yet.

So we settled on locations, manufacturer, time frame, working on necessary agreements and I am ready to place the order to the make everything happen. I request the PO only to find out that we must wait until the next Borough meeting, which is a couple of weeks away, due to some technicality.  None of the above tasks were difficult in nature, but they were very time consuming overall.  There is a lot of patience and attention to detail needed to make things happen. It is not always easy, but once our residents have the option to ride and park their bike everywhere in town, it will all be very much worth it.

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The Borough of Audubon is 1.5 square miles and we are a walking school district. We would like to encourage kids and adults to walk and bike more. All destinations in town can be reached by walking. We are taking it a step further and encouraging people to leave the cars behind and ride a bike.