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Round and Round the Meal Table We Go


At the Trenton Housing Authority we are still feeding residents’ children healthy afterschool meals. The children are really enjoying the meals. As a matter of fact, they seem to display a sense of pride in healthy eating as well as the staff.  This reminds our team of how First Lady Michelle OBama motivated children to take on a healthy lifestyle with health food central to her movement. We also want to thank our childcare folks, especially Markia Francis who is doing a great job in our afterschool program.

About the Grantee

Trenton Housing Authority (THA)

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to really see our parts of our mission statement come alive. It is a duty we have to help educate our residents and children in how to live a healthy lifestyle. At least that is our goal.

Strategy: Healthy Eating

Cohort: Central 1

Funder: SNAP-Ed

Cities: Trenton