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School Wellness Commitee at Peshine

Through the NJHC Comprehensive Wellness Strategy, Peshine Elementary school  in Newark NJ now has an established NAC that meets monthly. The most recent success of the committee was the creation of a school lunch survey tool by the student council leaders.  The survey tool was created by an 8th grade student council member through Google forms. The survey was distributed to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders by way of Google classroom. The students are analyzing the data and will report the results to the committee next month. These results will be shared with the Department of Food and Nutrition for Newark Public Schools. Students discussed a few of the findings which include the request for salad as an alternate entrée two times per week and increased variety of breakfast items. Communication to all students and staff can be challenging at times but the students took it upon themselves to speak to teachers about the survey and offered approved suggestions for when students could take the quick survey during the school day.

The student council members are recognizing the impact of their voice. They have brought up future school celebrations in order to encourage the staff to find healthy alternatives to traditional celebratory foods. Because of KidsFit and NAC there are educated students advocating for Healthy changes for the whole school!

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Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is committed to preventive health care by way of the Beth Green house and weekly farmers market, the Community Health and Wellness Center and the Pediatric wellness program; KidsFit. These initiatives address the need for education and access for healthy food in the Newark Community.