Grantee Blog 2020

Senior Farmer Market Voucher Program Distribution Assistance

With so many individuals cramming in last minute vacations during these final hazy days of summer, we at the Nutley Health Department are taking advantage of this lull and have temporarily redirected our efforts to assist the Nutley Farmers Market with a program near and dear to our hearts, the registration and distribution of the Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Vouchers. We feel that it was very much in line with one of the directions we are taking with the Community Health and Wellness Assessment, which is to ensure that our Spanish speaking community is being reached and serviced to the best of our abilities.  Within this effort, we have partnered with the Nutley Family Service Bureau and Pantry to help facilitate the SFMNV program for our residents that utilize this service.  Our flyers have been translated and distributed to pantry recipients, and we have set up a dedicated phone line where residents can call to complete the applications with ease and without worry.  We have no doubt that as a result of this effort, we will be making solid, positive connections that will assist us as we move forward with the Community Assessment.  Our next phase will be to host focus groups via Zoom and phone calls, in an effort to tailor the assessment to the issues that residents feel very strongly, about and are most concerned about.

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