Grantee Blog 2020

Small Changes Big Impact

As Perth Amboy slowly recovers and heals from the COVID-19 virus, we are starting to see small changes happening in local government that could greatly benefit our residents.

The first is the creation of a Rent Control Board. A Rent Control Board has been in city policy for years but never in practice. Because of Healthier Perth Amboy’s recommendations, the creation of the board has been enacted, and city officials are continually updated us as to the progress of this group. The board will ensure that rent is regulated throughout the city, therefore residents will no longer be blindsided by surprise rent increases.

Continually, thanks to the Healthy Housing Embajadoras, over sixty families in the Gateway community have been educated on health housing practices and provided with the tools they need to ensure that their house or apartment is safe. Through this educational effort, the team has found that most residents do not know who to call if they are experiencing a housing issue. Even more saddening, residents are afraid to call someone because they are undocumented, or they live with someone who is undocumented. Conversations with these residents helped shed light on the education that has to be done in this city, revolving around the idea that immigration status does not have to do with one’s right to safe and healthy housing.

As Healthier Perth Amboy continues to engage with the city on the upcoming housing element of the city’s Master Plan, we must continue to keep this in mind. As the social climate of the nation continues to worsen, HPA aims to be the guiding light in moral integrity and housing justice.

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