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SNAP into Spring!

More hours of daylight and the sunshine of spring have brought with them an invigorating energy, and we are eager for the Garden State’s fruitful spring harvests to make an appearance! This time of year we’ll see our farmers start to harvest bunches of fresh salad greens, spinach, spring turnips and radishes, and a City Green spring-time favorite: asparagus!

We are so excited that so many New Jerseyans will soon be able to purchase these seasonal fresh veggies and more at an affordable price with the Good Food Buck SNAP nutrition incentive program!

The Good Food Buck program application period for 2021 has come to a close, and we can’t wait to launch the season with partners new and old. After the pandemic hit in early 2020, half of our Good Food Buck network partners were unable to continue with their planned farmers market and farm stand work, leaving only 10 farmers markets in New Jersey offering SNAP nutrition incentives. Despite fewer partners with the ability to operate, in 2020, a record $17,200 in SNAP and $14,000 in Good Food Buck SNAP incentives were redeemed through the Good Food Buck program. That amounts to $31,600 of extra income that went directly to local farmers.

Now, with the Good Food Buck program’s expansion to additional retailers and cities in 2021, we are on track to reach more of our neighbors and provide more support to our farmers than ever before. We are excited to share that 17 of New Jersey’s farmers markets and farm stands are back in action and have applied to offer Good Food Buck nutrition incentives at their sites! This wonderful turnout encompasses over half (52%) of New Jersey’s SNAP-authorized farmers markets and direct-marketing farmers. Our partners span 19 cities and 8 counties, which means 53% of New Jerseyans live in a congressional district with a Good Food Buck market.

We’ve learned some great new tips, strategies, and best practices from attending the annual Farmers Market Pros InTents Farmers Market Conference and the National Nutrition Incentive Hub Convening in March, and are ready to welcome the 2021 Good Food Buck season in with the spring weather! Stay tuned for our announcement of this year’s Good Food Buck partners later this month by following us online @citygreenNJ or subscribing to the Good Food Buck newsletter at!

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City Green is a 501(c)3 urban farming and gardening organization, based in Clifton, New Jersey working to revitalize New Jersey communities through agriculture, educational programming, and food access initiatives.