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Spring is a Time for Growth

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, a time for plants to sprout.  The Healthy Eating program at the Plainsboro Library is doing just that.  The outside container garden on the library’s balcony is getting ready to accept the seedlings that began hydroponically in the Children’s section of the library.  Other edible plant seedlings will be purchased and planted as soon as the weather allows.  Growth and care of the plants will be monitored by the staff and used in children’s programs throughout the growing season.  Stay tuned.

May is National Bike Month.  A public event to bring attention to benefits of bicycling in general and the bike sharing program in particular is in the planning stages.  Coming out of winter, the bike sharing program reported about sixteen trips.  Ridership is expected to increase as the weather turns warmer and daylight extends into the evening.

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Plainsboro Township

Plainsboro Township is celebrating its Centennial in 2019. It is located in southwestern Middlesex County and grew from its agricultural roots into a community of about 24,000 residents covering nearly twelve square miles, half of which is preserved open space. Plainsboro is also home to Novo Nordisk’s North American headquarters and the headquarters of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.