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Sprouting A Love for Hydroponics

Students at Broad Street have begun their first planting of lettuce in their hydroponic grow tower. The tower is located in the cafeteria and the students are very excited to see the seedlings daily progress when they visit for their meals.  Broad Street also has an outdoor garden that the students care for in the spring, summer, and fall.  The grow tower will allow them to extend their growing season into the winter. Once the seedlings have become fully grown lettuce leafs the students and staff will partner with the cafeteria to conduct taste tests.

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Bridgeton Public Schools

The Mission of the Bridgeton Public School District is to provide multiple pathways for all students to attain the Common Core State Standards and meet the needs of our diverse student population. All students will be provided with the opportunity and resources to succeed through the creation of state-of-the-art safe learning environments which will ultimately enable all students to graduate from.