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Standing vs. Sitting: What is your stance on the issue?

The average commute time for people living in New Jersey is 30 minutes, this puts us in the top 10 ten averages by state for the longest commute. This also puts our health rankings into a lower category. The reason for this is sitting time! Along with the commute is a work day where most sit at a desk during their 8 hour work day. You have probably heard something on this issue before from some sort of media outlet. Language used around the fact that America sits so much are things like “sitting is the new smoking”. It is a poor lifestyle choice to be sitting, but many of our jobs require us to sit nearly the whole workday. So what can we do?

With this knowledge in hand Center for Prevention and Counseling has made our employees health, and specifically non-sitting time a priority for us. One way we have done this is having wellness breaks now written into our policy for both full and part time employees. Wellness breaks allow staff to use 30-minute breaks throughout the week to get up and get moving. CFPC also has recently been able to get standing desks for those of the staff that wished to have them. Even standing in place rather than sitting burns more calories, reduces the risk for shoulder and back pain, may reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. CFPC has also provided staff education on stretches and exercise that they can do at their desks during the=] workday. With the help of NJHCN, the Center for Prevention and Counseling has made a stance on this standing issue.

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