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Stepping Up to the Wellness Challenge

Introducing the Wellness Corner! The Center for Prevention and Counseling has clients that come to the office for substance use counseling throughout every day of the week, during their visit many of them sit in our waiting area. This is why we thought it would be beneficial to introduce a “wellness corner” with health information that people can read while they are waiting. Along with printed pamphlets, we are also compiling videos and images to play on the TV screen in the waiting room, all related to healthy living specifically through healthy eating and exercise. The “wellness corner” is one step we are taking to include our clientele more in our wellness initiatives through NJHCN and NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids.

We have several other projects and challenges in the works, including:

We look forward to implementing a variety of new strategies to help the staff and clients become happier and healthier in the new year. Through our outlook we also plan to include more partners from the community to help us effectively share the culture of health.

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Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC)

The mission of the Center for Prevention and Counseling is to promote hope, health and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive. We do this through our 3 departments including Prevention, Counseling and Recovery support.