Grantee Blog 2020

Strategic Progress Amid Pandemic

It has been two months since our last real update. The struggle continues as we live in this current pandemic situation. However, we are committed to continue with our mission. The last two months have not allowed for much in-person communication or work, but a chance to begin to strategize and brain storm for how to accomplish our goals.

Not all parties have been able to engage with these discussions as the challenges of every day life and work has been doubled.  However, the discussions have begun. As for the newfound open space that has been designated for a community garden, the clean out began, luckily, before the pandemic. Our Audubon HS teacher has begun thinking about how he can best utilize his volunteers of the Environmental Club to socially distance and continue to clean out and prepare the space. Audubon’s Public Works Department has been a little more busy than normal, but as their schedule lightens, they will get back over to help clear out as well. This community garden is going to be our main focus as the weather breaks. This is something that we can actively work on outside in shifts and with extremely limited groups of people.

Brain storming with our local churches/food banks will be begin shortly as they figure out their new normal as well. Our main focus is to find a way to help these food banks work together to meet the needs of all the local communities in which they serve. Food donations are not the problem currently, but the ability to manage all the resources from the top and get the food to those in need is the real struggle.

Our Recreation/Community Center is almost complete and looks beautiful inside and out. However, we will put any additions to the grounds on the back burner at this time and revisit in a couple of months.

As the dust settles and everyone adjusts to this new way of life, we hope to take advantage of this “extra” time at home and really strategize ways to move forward. We will remain focused on our goals even in these trying and arduous times.



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