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Strawberry Fields (Raised Beds) Forever

The Montessori students ventured out to CFET’s other urban garden located in Liney Ditch Park in the Waterfront South neighborhood of Camden.  Instead of fields, we plant our strawberries in raised beds.  The children dug right in and got their hands dirty.  They learned how to tell when a strawberry is ripe and how to pick it, and then picked all the remaining strawberries in the garden. Strawberries were combined with a few kale leaves and soy milk to make a strawberry kale smoothie. Each child also received a plate with three strawberries and a plastic knife, so that they could practice their fine motor skills by cutting the strawberries. The students loved the smoothies as evidenced by their many thumbs up.

About the Grantee

Center for Environmental Transformation (CFET)

The Center for Environmental Transformation (CFET) manages 3 gardens in Camden. CFET has an innovative youth program that uses urban agriculture to develop young people’s skills and teaches healthy eating. We host service learning retreats focused on the environment and food justice.