Grantee Blog 2020

Striving to Create a Healthier Community

The Englewood Health Department received grant funding to conduct a Community Needs Assessment from the Berry Foundation. The Englewood Health Department is very active as it relates to community outreach and health education. However, we fear there is a population that we are not successfully reaching or issues within our community that we may not be addressing. The purpose of conducting this needs assessment is to get a better understanding of the needs of the community and the barriers that affect residents’ health outcomes. Based on the findings, the Health Department seeks to create a community-based solution that will improve health outcomes for our residents.

As we are in the beginning stages, we have already reviewed data from previous surveys and focus groups. This data was used to formulate a new survey and interview questions. Over the next few months, it is our goal to conduct at least 25 interviews and 8 focus groups with community leaders and various organizations within our community. These community leaders and organizations include, but are not limited to, council members, houses of worship, the Englewood Recreation Department, Englewood Health, the Women’s Right’s and Information Center, Bergen Family Center, Vantage Health System, Englewood Municipal Alliance and the Center for Food Action. It was imperative for us to come up with an inclusive list of organizations to ensure sufficient representation of all Englewood residents.

We have formulated our interview and focus group questions and hope to begin in May. Interviews will be conducted in-person and via telephone. Focus groups will be conducted at various locations throughout the city of Englewood. After the first set of interviews and focus groups are conducted, we will use the responses to create a survey to be distributed at Englewood ShopRite, McDonald’s courtyard and the Englewood Public Library. By doing so, we hope to gather the thoughts and perceptions of a larger number of residents. We have solicited the help of our public health student intern to assist in the planning and preparation of interviews, focus groups and survey materials.

Unfortunately, with the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak the process is moving slower than we originally anticipated, but we remain hopeful that we will be able to move forward in a timely manner.           

About the Grantee

City of Englewood Health Department

The mission of the Englewood Health Department is to protect and enhance the health of the people in Englewood. The Department accomplishes this mission by creating viable partnerships with organizations in the community and individuals, promoting healthy lifestyles and responding to critical health issues and disasters.