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Summer is in Bloom at the Beth Greenhouse!

It’s summer and the Beth Greenhouse at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey is in full bloom!  With school out of session the team is missing our hydroponic gardening time with our kiddos.  Fortunately, we’re keeping busy with summer field trips to our on-site Greenhouse.  We’ve had weekly visitors from the School Based Youth Services Program at Barringer High School, Newark’s Summer Youth Employment Program at Jesse Allen Park and the Hillside High School Cheerleading Team.  They all spent time learning Hydroponics 101 and cooking with the produce they’ve tended to in our Wellness Center.  New recipes for these trips include Brown Rice Veggie Sushi, Vegetable Pot Stickers, Garden Fresh Whole Wheat Pizza and Berry Slushies.

While greens and herbs thrive year round in the Beth Greenhouse, the long days of summer sun allow us to grow fruiting plants including tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini and more.  With future upgrades to our lighting system we hope to extend these summer favorites throughout the year as well.  We’re excited for the back to school season and a return to growing greens in the classroom hydroponic systems with our students.  Don’t tell them we said that though, we’re pretty sure they want to soak in a few more weeks of summer for now!  Stay tuned for September when we’ll start our in-school systems back up and get to seeding!

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Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

KidsFit is a comprehensive wellness program for Kids and those who love them. There are two layers to the program, treatment of childhood obesity and prevention of childhood obesity. Newark Beth also recognizes the importance of access to healthy food and with the Beth greenhouse we hydroponically produce fresh produce year round.