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Supporting Denville’s Trails Master Plan

In 2017, the Township of Denville worked with Greener By Design, a consulting firm, to review the trails in the community and provide a Master Plan. The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee is working with Denville to extend portions of the recommendations in the Master Plan to incorporate two county park properties and to reach beyond township borders to neighboring communities. These efforts fit well with the strategies outlined by Greener By Design (GBD) in the Master Plan. GBD cites scattered developments and three major highways as challenges to a connected community. The goal is to create a “comprehensive trail system”, connecting neighborhoods to the vibrant town center, the train station, parks, schools, etc. The consultant’s project focused on developing strategies for creation, maintenance and future expansion of Denville’s trails. Other than a 1/3 mile formal trail in a local park, other trails are natural and have no official trailhead, are unmarked, with no informational kiosks, maintenance plan or parking. The GBD plan seeks to connect neighborhoods to the town center and to regional trail systems, provide opportunities for loop hikes, connect isolated parks, and in corporate opportunities for long distance hiking and biking. Connect to Walk and Bike will enhance the GBD plan by adding approximately 5 additional connection recommendations, including to Tourne County Park and Jonathan’s Woods (county property maintained by a local nonprofit preservation group).

About the Grantee

Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee works with partner communities throughout Morris County to assess and recommend connections for walking and biking opportunities to enhance physical activity of residents and visitors.