Grantee Blog 2020

Supporting Local Farms During COVID-19

Although it has been several weeks since we helped reintroduce the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) to the emergency feeding sites, the excitement hasn’t gone away for us or the families that receive boxes of food that now include fresh produce. The smile in the eyes of one particular parent who always makes comments such as “grapes today, my son loves those” feels like a big win in all of this. By providing families with multiple servings of fresh produce weekly, we are hopeful that this will increase their interest in eating healthier foods.

This upcoming month we are thrilled that more of the produce distributed will be from New Jersey farms. Some of the items will include local greens from BrightFarms and Dan Graiff Farms, as well as Jersey Fresh tomatoes and peaches. In addition to having more flavor and nutrients, it is rewarding knowing that the produce hasn’t traveled far, and we are supporting farmers within the NJ community. 

Food distribution sites, along with the FFVP, will continue throughout the summer for the first time. These past four months have been challenging for many families; however, one truth remains: not providing access to healthy food is not an option.


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United Way of Passaic County

The United Way of Passaic County works to improve the lives of people in Passaic County by mobilizing the caring power of our community. Our goal is to promote healthy nutrition and a food environment within which all County residents can have access to healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.