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Talking Carrot

On a sunny fall afternoon, the entrance of the Daisy’s Food Store in New Brunswick suddenly got more festive as the customers were greeted at the door with a walking and talking “carrot”! No, the vegetables did not come alive; well, maybe they did – figuratively.

The Hub City Fresh Healthy Corner Store program staff members, including the one dressed up in a carrot costume, were there to help promote the healthier food options in the store that day. Some customers were confused, some were curious, and others – especially children – were amused. “Miss Carrot” and her helpers spent the afternoon talking to the customers and showing them how to spot some of the healthy food and beverage options on the shelves.

The Community Connections team has been using this marketing strategy to draw attention to the healthier options in the corner stores and the farmers market. We have been supporting the sale of healthier foods also by shelf signs, informational handouts, and promotional, branded items for customers who purchase the healthier foods. Regardless of which food store the customers may use the next time when they shop for food, branded promotional items like re-usable shopping bags and informational handouts are intended to be the reminders for them to make the healthier food choices.

If you are on your way to a corner store in New Brunswick, watch out – you might run into a talking carrot at one of the Hub City Fresh stores!

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