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Telling the story of the Garden Tower

Have you been wondering what a garden tower looks like and how they work?  This month we wanted to share how the Garden towers are working and how are faith community partners set them up.  Our work with the Faithful Families program continues to help faith communities empower their members to make positive, long-lasting health-promoting changes.  Part of these changes and the work our partners continue is with using Garden Towers in spaces that they didn’t think it was possible to grow health habits and foods.

After completing our nutritional classes and cooking demonstrations in the summer the Iglesia Alianza in Randolph, NJ was ready to start their work on their Garden Tower.  Our classes and Garden Tower set up were led by Dorian Restrepo who teaches our program curriculum and cooking demonstrations while also indicating how our daily choices influence our health today and in the future.  Gearing up for the Garden Towers the Iglesia Alianza health committee had to choose the seeds they felt could be grown in the tower and could also be used by many in their faith community.  Their choices were made together and these ladies then started hard at work to build the tower and figure out the process of planting and taking care of their seeds.  In our next visit we hope to see how their seeds thrived.

We picked Garden towers for our faith communities as their environmental policy because our faith community partner does not have any green area to plant outside but wanted to be able to model to their community how even inside we can grow our own healthy foods.  Everyone is enthusiastic and optimistic about the changes these seeds can bring to their community.

We want to thank our community partners and faith communities who have opened their doors, families, and have genuinely accepted and supported our program. For more information about MCOHA services, please call (973) 366-4770 or visit


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MCOHA helps improve the lives of the Hispanic and low- income residents of Morris County and surrounding communities by providing direct social services, education, and client advocacy. Our vision is to inspire hope and community integration and to help build a community that promotes cultural heritage while ensuring the health and well-being of the individuals and families that we serve.