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Testing the Soil for a Bigger Vision

My name is Tania Rivera and I have been living in Hammonton NJ for the past 3 years. I was born in Mexico but was raised in Texas. I became involved in the current Hammonton’s Community Garden through CATA because I like growing flowers and food. I have never grown it before but I really like roses, marigolds, tomatoes, jalapeños, spices like cilantro, pápalo…I know that tending a garden takes a lot of work and patience and I am willing to learn and be part of a project that involves growing food.  I would like to learn about the timing of when to grow, when to pull the weeds out, and their seasons. I would like for my kids to get involved because they are attracted to gardens and I would also love for them to be involved in activities. This year I wanted to grow and some of the things I grew were: tomatoes, tomatillos, sunflowers, cabbage, basil, lettuce, watermelon and pápalo. I really want to also learn how to prepare meals and how to eat other crops that are outside of my culture. I encourage people to not just grow at home but for them to get out of their comfort zone to meet other people and learn from them. I look forward in having a community garden and involving the latino community.

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Comite de Apoyo para Trabajadores Agriculturales (CATA)

CATA- The Farmworkers Support Committee has been serving the migrant and farmworker community for the past 39 years. CATA’s mission is to empower and educate farmworkers through leadership development and capacity building so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action for their interests.