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The “Dream” is finally becoming a reality.

In my previous blog, I placed a photo of what we hoped to be our new Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center. Unfortunately, setbacks in obtaining our permit and a surprise underground tank set us back from planting our garden this year.

But today I look out the window and across the street to see concrete being pour and what looks like the beginning structure of our pavilion. Our dream is finally becoming a reality. Even though our garden was set back our commitment to educating our young people about the benefits of healthy eating did not.

With the support and collaboration with groups like Isles, we presented a parent night demonstrating how to use seasonal fresh produce. Through a grant from the Department of Agriculture, our summer campers were given healthy breakfasts and lunches.

If you live in the Trenton area, come to see the progression of our garden.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County after-school and enrichment programs focus on improving youth outcomes in education; careers, character development; leadership, and developing healthy lifestyles through physical activity and healthy living.

Strategy: Community Gardens

Cohort: Central 1

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