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The early signs of BUILDing system change at the city level that promote healthy housing

As we draw nearer and nearer to the end of our community outreach/home assessment season, we are not only pleased that our project was able to increase our initial goal of homes assessed but that the relationship we cultivated with the City’s rent control office has already seen the development of some system changes. These changes will help hold landlords accountable for ensuring their properties are in compliance with city housing codes and ultimately increase healthy homes overall. To meet this end, the City’s rent control office has agreed to not only streamline a referral system to handle tenant complaints from our program but they have also agreed to provide information on important information such as current rent level, date of last home inspection, number of allowable occupants and whether there are any open complaints per registered rental properties on their website. With this information, we will be able to ensure that landlords only raise rents to allowable limits, request home inspections of code violators, as well as, be able to identify “problem” properties to inform perspective renters.

Working in collaboration with our project will help the rent control office not only increase code enforcement of registered properties but also better identify properties that should be registered with the city. This will be accomplished by using the data we acquire from our outreach efforts and home assessments. This is an example of the system changes that we will be looking to develop not only within our local government but within our various institutions that will ultimately create a sustainable culture around healthy housing in the city

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