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The Path to Health and Wellness at Hewitt

In the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, people are becoming ever more sedentary.  Schools are going virtual, sports are shutting down, indoor physical activities are not being encouraged, and the opportunity for exercise is not as easy as it once was.  Whether organized or informal, physical fitness is not as convenient as it has been in the past.  Many years ago, our ancestors relied upon physical activity in order to survive.  Right now, that same survival mindset is leading to the shutdown of the physical activities we’ve grown accustomed to.  Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles are ongoing problems that have taken a back seat to the virus. Sedentary lifestyles are being encouraged, whether intentional or not.

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand.  How can we encourage people to exercise and be more active in a world where doing so is not as easy anymore?  One way to encourage outdoor exercise is by offering opportunities for it.  We hope that Ringwood residents will be encouraged to get outside by the progress on our health and wellness path.  In doing so, we hope that the exercise and fresh air has a positive effect on their mental health.

The latest update on our path is the future installation of signage by a local Boy Scout. He will be making, and then installing, a welcome/introduction sign to be placed at the entrance of the path and distance marker signs along the path.   Although the project is not quite yet complete, the path, including the fitness equipment, is open and available to the public.

Outdoor recreational opportunities abound within the Hewitt School grounds.  There is an outdoor hockey rink that is converted to an ice surface in the winter for ice skating, a playground, a baseball diamond, two soccer fields, and now a wellness path with exercise equipment.  We believe that the multitude of options the Hewitt grounds provides will entice people to get out and exercise. We also hope that residents will share in our pride for the work being done on the Hewitt health and wellness path.  We could all use some positivity and progress in our lives!

This work is supported by funding from the Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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Borough of Ringwood

Borough of Ringwood Health and Recreation Departments. We are promoting physical and mental heatlh, wellness, and disease prevention.