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The Ringwood Fitness and Walking Track – Exercise Equipment Installed!

We have some really exciting updates on our fitness path.  Over the past two months we have cleared the brush and debris for our path, poured the concrete pads and installed all of our exercise equipment.  There are 5 pieces of exercise equipment installed on two concrete pads.  We have a multi core station including triceps dip bars, a wheel chair accessible chest press, a squat/lunge machine, a lat pull down and shoulder press, and a leg curl and extension machine. Things do not always go as you plan and being able to make minor adjustments has been important to execute this stage of the project.

One of the adjustments we had to make was in the size of the concrete pads for the exercise equipment.  We decided to make each pad larger to take up a greater surface area.  Another adjustment was to make two larger pads instead of going with the original plan of three concrete pads.  This was done in order to accommodate more space surrounding the exercise equipment.  It also fits better within the landscape of the path.  Take a look at the picture of our first station of equipment.  Doesn’t it look great!

The Borough is now looking into a proper surface for the path.  We have discussed using different options such as pea gravel or wood chips.  We have a couple of requirements for the material used for the surface.  The material we choose should allow water to flow through it.  We are not able to use a material like concrete for this reason.  We also want to make sure the path allows a wheelchair to be pushed over the surface.  Although wood chips would fulfill the requirement of being a pervious surface (water can flow through it), it is difficult for a wheelchair to travel on it.  After doing some research we found a material called Perk Pave.  Perk Pave is a combination of rubber and stone that when mixed together creates a pervious surface that is firm enough for a wheelchair to travel on it.  It’s a great surface for walking and jogging as well.  We had the company send samples to us of the finished product to review and the Borough is highly considering installing it.

It has been difficult getting to this point of the project especially with all the obstacles the pandemic has put in front of our team.  We are very proud that we have been able to stay on course and we are very excited for the next steps of the projects.  The next steps will be planning the installing of the path surface, installing signage around the path, and designing an outdoor classroom for the elementary school students.  Can’t wait to see the finished product and for the public to use the path!

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Borough of Ringwood

Ringwood is a town located in northern New Jersey. Our team is made up of employees from the local municipality (The Ringwood Health Department, Recreation Department, and Department of Public Works), and the Ringwood Board of Education.