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The Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) Neighborhood

The Neighborhood:


Once a thriving Black middle class neighborhood, the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) area in Trenton’s West Ward now faces high levels of poverty, vacancy, and low access to amenities, and is home to concentrations of seniors, single mothers, and children. Issues highlighted in the 2011 THDC Neighborhood Plan included economic development, recreation, and safety. Assets noted in the plan included strong education, faith based, and social service institutions, as well as recreational resources. The neighborhood is located near the State Capitol and Downtown, and has a walkable layout and historical architecture. Our project helps meet the mandate of the plan, which is to foster the revitalization residents desire and deserve while capitalizing on existing assets, by focusing on increased access to healthy food and use of recreational resources.


A key need in the area is healthy, affordable food. While much of Trenton is a food swamp, the THDC neighborhood is a food desert, with virtually no sources of food, particularly fresh or healthy food. This was made apparent after Rider University and Isles mapped food assets in Trenton during the fall of 2019. Lack of food access puts THDC residents at higher risk for obesity and other diet-related chronic conditions. 


Major recreational resources, including the D&R Canal and the Belvidere Greenway, run through the neighborhood. The Westside Plaza on Hermitage Avenue is largely vacant, but the Trenton Food Stakeholders Group is trying to mobilize resources to bring a co-op grocery store to this location, which is situated along the canal. 


Our Project:


Trenton Health Team (THT) will conduct a healthy eating audit and active living adult in the THDC neighborhood. THT will work with Isles, a local community development organization, and the Tri State Transportation Campaign to complete the healthy eating audit and active living audit. We will engage community members through the audit process.  A stipend will be provided for residents who want to participate in the audit. 


The Goal:


To increase access to healthy food and encourage more physical activity in the THDC neighborhood. 


COVID-19 Update:

In response to COVID-19 pandemic we have delayed the recruitment of community members. Our original plan was to begin recruitment in late April, but this will be delayed until further notice. We expect that both audits will be completed before fall 2020.  

About the Grantee

Trenton Health Team

Trenton Health Team is an innovative, multi-sector partnership dedicated to the health and well-being of the greater Trenton community.