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Third Times A Charm!!

Let the growing begin!! We grew our seedlings and now they have made it into the Tower Garden. We are growing basil, cucumbers, kale, and cherry tomatoes. During this process my students realized how important it is to find alternative ways to grow our own food.  The leaching of vital nutrients and erosion, both partly due to industrial agriculture, are seen as so severe that we may be reaching a plateau of just how much food our planet can produce. Without significant change to the way we treat our soil, this might be as good as it ever gets. Having them “plant” their seeds in the rock wall that is the substitute for soil in our Tower Garden generated great conversation about how we need to think the condition of our soil. I stressed to my students that one of the more devastating problems arising from industrial agriculture is that of nutrient depletion. Soil used for farming naturally contains various chemicals necessary to produce a high yield in crops. The most important are phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen can be produced artificially to some degree, though its creation uses an awful lot of energy.  This hands on experience was amazing to watch as my students took such pride in their little seedlings as they transplanted them from the greenhouse to the Tower Garden. Stay tuned to hear more about our tremendous growth.

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