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Thurgood Marshall adapts their lessons to meet student needs:

For the month of May, fourth and fifth grade classes at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Irvington, NJ participated in a month-long bicycle safety education course. Thurgood Marshall Physical Education Teacher, Glenn Inman, facilitated the course.

Mr. Inman is a 30-year veteran at Irvington Public Schools, and has teaches a large number of students in need of adapted physical education

“Many of my students have challenges that cause me to provide additional supports when helping them learn how to ride a bike,” said Mr. Inman. “Obviously things like motor impairments can be problematic when learning to ride, but after four weeks, many of the students got to the point where they demonstrated improvements in their skills. To me, that is what adapted PE is all about. It’s not about withholding physical education opportunities; it is about identifying ways we can provide the same experiences in alternative ways.

The Thurgood Marshall students learned how to properly adjust their helmets, pedal, turn, and safely stop. The students were also taught how to properly care for their bikes, and safety rules associated with riding in public. In the end, the data shows students showed great improvement in their abilities after four weeks.

Chancellor and Florence Avenue are ready to ride:

For the month of June, Chancellor Avenue and Florence Avenue Elementary Schools will receive the bikes. Due to limited space in the gymnasiums, both schools were waiting for improved weather before starting the bicycle safety curriculum so the classes could be facilitated outside.

Florence Avenue will have three physical educators, Jordan Epstein, Donald Mottola, and Shakerah Speight, facilitating the bicycle safety curriculum. After a generous donation of additional bicycles from NJAHPERD and 2nd Life Bikes in Asbury Park, NJ, all three teachers will have enough bikes and helmets to facilitate the curriculum.

“It’ll be great. One of our big concerns was not having enough bikes to facilitate the program with 75 students in the gym,” said Mr. Epstein, a five-year veteran at Irvington Public Schools. However, due to the generous grant our district has received, now we can provide ideal instruction to maximize student activity time as they learn these important skills.


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